Monday, October 8, 2007

New KGS Concierge Service

Kissimmee Guest Services has taken their world-class offerings to the next level. KGS now offers concierge service for its clients. KGS's committment to excellence in service is explempary in everything they do and the brand new concierge service offering is the latest example.

Imagine your next trip to Orlando including a sumptuous massage, rubbing out all of the crimps and knots from a cramped car or plane ride. Smell the gourmet aromas resonating from the hard work from your own personal chef.

Wait...It gets better! Need a babysitter for a night out in Downtown Orlando, KGS's Concierge Services has a babysitter for you. Need someone to watch your precious furry family member, well guess what KGS has you covered with Pet Sitting.

On top of all of that get Limo service, Bass Fishing guides, deep sea fishing, all kinds of water sports activities, and more! Visit Kissimmee Guest Services and find a new ways to make your time in Orlando the best time ever!

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