Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Travel Smart to Orlando in Recession

With the cost of fuel at all time highs and the economy showing signs of weakness, it is definitely time to travel smart. Seems as if everything around us costs more, and that makes the prospect of vacationing seems to slip further away into the distance.

Instead of disappointing the family this year use these tips to save your Orlando vacation.

Use the internet is the first tip. The internet is your friend when you know how to use it to find deals. Once you find a website you trust with a guaranteed low price like Kissimmee Guest Services, you can take comfort in knowing you saved yourself a lot of money.

Now once you've gotten your tickets to Disney World, Epcot, Universal, Sea World from the web, go on over to your social networking site like FACEBOOK or MySpace and see if they would like to accompany you to a fun Florida trip. Traveling in groups is a truly cost effective way to travel.

Ok now you've got tickets to the park, friends to come along, so you're almost there. Scramble back to your computer and find a travel discount site like Travelocity or Priceline and find the best priced tickets. TIP: best to look midweek to find the best airline deals to anywhere domestic or international.

So what would be the most efficient way to lodge a group of family and friends? We saw a neat way to house any group on Click the link below and find out how.

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